Excerpt: Fearless, Chapter 11 (draft)

What is it about us writers, that we put our beloved characters through an emotional wringer?

Ross has his share of lucky, happy moments, but he’s got to deal with a lot of heavy seriousness, too. Here’s an excerpt from (the recently-rewritten) Chapter 11, that always touches me a little:

Ross walked into her room, to find Amber still asleep, just as Sam had said. Still propped up by the thick, confining torso brace moulded around her, to keep her back in position. Still hooked up to those tubes and monitors he hated. And yet, despite all of that, still so lovely, like the faery tale sleeping beauty whose story she’d once told him was her favourite.

He blinked; the thought was ridiculous. But that didn’t stop him from bending close, to press a kiss to the ridge of her cool brow, his heart pattering with anxious hope.

She didn’t wake.

Not that he’d really thought she would, because that would have been mad. But it brought a low smile to his lips anyway, and he kissed her again, leaving her with a promise for tomorrow.

I’ve always enjoyed writing parallels in my stories. In my last big story, one of my favorite moments was a retelling of the Orihime/Hikoboshi myth, as it related to my two protagonists. For this story, there’s a throwback to Brier-Rose, or Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty

I think faery tales and folklore are a charming way to draw parallels to situations in modern tales. Do you use classical stories references in your own work? How? Why?


5 thoughts on “Excerpt: Fearless, Chapter 11 (draft)

  1. I love the Sleeping Beauty parallel, especially because that is my favorite fairy tale of all.

    I’m a big lover of theme and symbolism in my stories, and in my early drafts they abound. But usually after revisions, I tend to pare the references down unconsciously. It’s almost like I use the references as a starting point to get my own story cranking–then I omit it layer by layer as my own story evolves.

    I think your snippet is quite well-done with just enough of a balance between the real story and the reference to Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty. I love how it really gives us a clear idea of the relationship between Ross and Amber.


    • Thanks, Kate!

      I will have to remember to keep those ideas in mind when I do my first real edit. I have a tendency to over-do in early drafts, but some of those parallels, I quite enjoy. We’ll just have to see. 🙂


  2. Dang, I was going to use that Sleeping Beauty parallel! Oh well, I’m still figuring out that scene for my story, so it’s not set in stone!

    Just like in Sleeping Beauty, my two protagonists had also known each other for awhile, and that one kiss would have been the nod to the start of their romantic relationship. But, I’m sure I can tweak it so it’s not exactly the same. If anything, it’ll be fun to figure it out.


    • I think you could still use yours. 🙂

      We’re all telling different stories, after all. And even from the little bit you mention, we seem to be approaching it from very different angles. (I’m guessing Nick heals Mertice with a wake-up kiss?)

      Besides, faery tales are eternal. 🙂


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