I apologize for the delays in comments and replies…but I’m on holiday in California this week, enjoying the beautiful surf for which I’ve so longed these many moons! (Only two-footers yesterday, and today looks like we’ll get 1.5’s at 15 seconds, but the sun breaks at midday, and the current is constant. Yee-hah!)

SD swells

Here’s what yesterday’s swells were like.

For my writer friends, a piece of advice: research is great, and I love it…but nothing quite beats experience! 😀


5 thoughts on “Swell!

  1. Happy to see you’re enjoying our Californian waves. What part are you in? South? Central? North? Don’t forget: we have all the fun theme parks here in SoCal! 😀 Have fun with your vacation!


    • Thanks, spooneytoaster!
      We stayed in San Diego for the week. Visited lots of breweries (Lost Abbey, Coronado, Green Flash, and Stone, of course), but I had a great time surfing. Can’t wait to go back! La Jolla had the best wavecount; I’m looking forward to possibly staying there, next time, instead of the city. (Though the city was fun, too. We just didn’t utilize it as much as we probably should have done.)


  2. Enjoy your vacation. I’m off next week and we’re rousting about with family. I have promised I won’t do anything related to writing while we’re away. Well, of course, I’ll sneak along a notebook and pen and take my 15 minutes in the bathroom. No one will suspect a thing!

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip, and yes, I can vouch for experience being so much more enjoyable than research.


    • Enjoy your own vacation, Kate! (Although, I often feel I need a vacation after vacation. So many long days!)
      I saw your post about keeping kids busy…I’ll have to “like” and comment on that one! 🙂


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