100-Word Challenge: Blame the Hound

I had quite a bit of fun with last week’s picture prompt; my head certainly went in a new direction from where I’d been before!

But the 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups this week (week 48) is a phrase prompt:

… I blamed it on the dog…

Julia says: “Your pieces should be 106 words long (the prompt plus 100).” Without further ado, here’s what I’m offering, this week:

“Blame the Hound”

“That girl definitely knows what she’s doing, let me tell you…!”

“Who? Anna?”

“No. Juliet.”

“Juliet? I thought you were out with Anna, last night?”


“She canceled?”

“No, I canceled. Keep up, would you, mate?”

“Why’d you cancel?”

“Have you seen Juliet?”

“So, what? Anna’s history, then?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because you went out with another girl last night, that’s why!”

“It’s not like I told her I was going out with another bird, moron.”

“So, then, what was your excuse for not taking her out last night?”

“I blamed it on the dog.”

“You don’t have a dog.”

“She doesn’t know that!”

Another dialogue-only piece; sorry about that. Again, I didn’t see the need for any description; I think the words speak for themselves.

Personally, I appreciate a man who is faithful, kindly, sweet…all that good stuff. Yet, it’s fun to imagine the life of a hound. (You know, just so long as it’s all in my imagination!)

By kallerna (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What did you blame on the dog, this week?


11 thoughts on “100-Word Challenge: Blame the Hound

  1. I love the dialogue only pieces for these challenges, because this is a great way to hone such an important aspect of your storytelling. When you can get your dialogue to “speak for itself” then you’ve moved the story forward.

    Nice job!


    • Thank you, Kate.

      As much as this particular conversation would make me want to throttle the young man involved in real life, I do like trying to “hear” voices properly in my head, and translate them to a page.


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