100-Word Story: The New Girl

The New Girl”

She looked so much like Sally: bright, sparkling eyes; cute, upturned nose; precious pink lips; and dimples, just the barest hint of them, like Sally had when she smiled.

Larry fell in love with her instantly.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, stroking gently at the soft round of her cheek. He bent his head and kissed her then, smelling deeply of the sweet scent of her.

“She is,” Sally said.

Larry looked up, into the tired, teary face of his wife. He smiled. “She looks just like you,” he said.

Sally smiled, too. “I was going to say the same thing.”

(image courtesy tscpl.org)

I’ve had such a good time reading new-mummy updates from jennybennyk on Twitter (you can also follow her blog at itsjennythewren), it reminded me of first moments like this, and how your perspective can change of an instant.

Husbands/fathers are especially susceptible to daughters, I think. I know when I met my husband, there was talk that I would always be foremost in his life.

Then our little girls came along.

I don’t mind, though. That loving bond is precious, and I wanted to see if I could capture it a little bit, here, with my Songbirds. (And, to itsjennythewren: Don’t worry if Daddy is starstruck by Baby right now. You’re still Mummy, and that’s a truly special person to be.)

Have you ever been struck by a memory from a Tweet or an update, and pushed to write about it?

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10 responses to “100-Word Story: The New Girl

  1. love it! captured the first moments beautifully :) many thanks for the mentions xx

  2. That’s a sweet excerpt, and really true for many couples.

  3. Mayumi – this is really beautiful. Captured that first moment so well.

  4. And oh, how true this is. I don’t even have kids, but I can feel the overwhelming out-pour of love and warmth.
    Nicely done!

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