What a Way [100-Word Story] [Fearless]

Week 55 of the 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups (over at Julia’s Place) was a picture prompt (click for larger image):

Julia asked that we write a piece to go along with this picture (it doesn’t have to be 100 words). For me, I couldn’t get out of my head the ridiculousness of a greeting card like this…and how inappropriate it can sometimes be for a situation.

I’ve decided not to submit to this week’s 100 WCGU link list, because I’m not following the rules posted (my flash fiction doesn’t really go along with this picture at all). But I couldn’t let this sit on my hard drive unpublished, either. Hopefully, you don’t fault me for that.

“What a Way”

She twisted her ring, slowly. It stopped hurting, but the imprint remained, where he’d squeezed too hard with unloosed passion.

Such passion…! More than she’d bargained when she’d singled him out, on those quiet, twilit dunes. She’d thought him just a beautiful blond boy, a simple pleasure to pass the time. Who’d have guessed he’d be so…emotional? But those words, breathed longingly beside her ear:

“I love you.”

It had to end. He was too young. She was too…married.

Beside her, an advert caught her eye.

Say it with a card.”

She sniffed. What a way to break his heart.

Ouch, Susanna. Just…ouch.

But, don’t let me depress you! Do go over to this week’s 100 WCGU site and check out some of the delightfully funny stories there!


7 thoughts on “What a Way [100-Word Story] [Fearless]

  1. Now THAT’S just cold-blooded. Just what I expected from Susanna.
    There really is a sense of impending emotional devastation to this one, which will go quite a way to shape the poor lad into what he is when ‘Fearless’ starts.
    Outstanding job!


    • Thanks, Shade.
      I actually tried to write this for Robb and Emma first, but it was taking too long to get to the punchline. So, Susanna stepped in. Of course, that’s not what she did in the final story, but I liked the idea of her taking that moment to contemplate the option.


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