FSF / 100WCGU: “Last”

Another double-up of prompts, mostly because I’m too tired to concentrate on each without combining them (it’s been a long week).

Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is “ZOMBIE” and Julia’s 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups prompt is a picture:

I’ve taken a fair amount of liberty with these prompts, but we write how we’re inspired.


Palm pressed to the terminal, she paused, briefly, as the data jumped between synapses – maps, securcam feeds, personnel records, everything was open to her.

“Think you can find your friends?” the soldier asked, startling her concentration.

Pulling her hand away, she opened her eyes, empty black replacing the wild torrent of information, and frowned: how could people shuffle dead-eyed and dumb through their own world? The Institute’s doctors had said she was special, if alone – the last of her kind – and, now, she understood why.

“I may not see,” Imien said, “but that doesn’t make me blind.”

Some technobabble, but I liked getting into Imien’s head a bit, here; she’s one of the Stowaways I haven’t really examined.

What five sentences or 100 words did you write, this time?


9 thoughts on “FSF / 100WCGU: “Last”

  1. Whoa, does Imien have some crazy skill I should know about? I remember you wrote before that she was blind, but I’d like to know more about if she’s got some power, like telepathy or something like it. Or can she just link her mind with computers? I just reread the first part.

    These little posts you put are like fun, little teasers for your stuff. They’re short enough that I have to reread it twice or three times just to make sense of it, but each time, I’m just absolutely intrigued, especially since I can picture it clearer after each read.


    • Thanks, spooney. That’s so kind of you to say. I like posting these snippets, too, if only as an exercise. 🙂
      Imien’s what I’m calling a cyber-cipher, so she can “translate” the electrical impulses of binary language into “sight.” (It’s all very vague, as you can tell.)
      Thanks for stopping in!


  2. I had the same questions as spooney–this small piece intrigued me, and I wanted to know more about Imien. Regardless, her response to the soldier tells a lot about Imien and the kind of person she is (or at least, how I interpret her to be). She seems to be quite strong and capable, yet careful too. She doesn’t seem overly confident, but is grounded in her sense of self, or at least her place in the “world”. Of course, I could be way off base, but that’s what I got out of this little blip. Nice job!


    • Thank you, Kate.
      Imien’s probably the most mature of the stowaway kids, for the very reasons you mention. Glad this tidbit with her and the soldier is intriguing, too, and not just a mess! LOL! (I tried to write this prompt at least five different ways before I just said, Forget it! and wrote what I wanted to do.)
      Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂


  3. This Imlen sounds quite fascinating, like Ace from the DC Universe or Chezza from Wolf’s Rain. Though she does not see the physical world, she sees the information and all its possibilities, along with her own intuitions. I wonder she will get along with the rest of the Stowaways.
    I really like the atmosphere to this one, along with Imlen as a character, and look forward to seeing more about both! Well done!


    • Thanks, Shade.
      Imien’s really growing on me as a character, which is one of the reasons I expanded the stowaways to more than just the kid-soldier and the kid-concubine and their relationship; she’s got a lot of things to say about the world around her.


  4. You’re always so creative with these Mayumi! I’m so interested to find out more about Imien, you always leave me wanting more! Oh also, you had any ideas for the Limebird giveaway? I hope you’re going to enter, would love to see what you could come up with! 🙂 Looking forward to your take on the next prompt xx


    • Thanks, Beth!

      I’m looking forward to the Limebird giveaway, too. I’ve got an amorphous idea that I’m hoping I can make work, if only to do your site justice. 🙂


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