100WCGU: Fade to Grey

It’s Week 68 for Julia’s 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups! This week, Julia gives us the prompt of:

We’ve got 100 words to use to interpret the prompt, so, here’s mine:

“Fade to Grey”

“I made this,” Billie declared, as she sorted through ornaments. “And this-”

I made that,” Katie corrected, snatching at the yarn doll.

Chuckling, Sally turned, to catch Larry’s reaction. He wasn’t watching the girls, though, but staring at his reflection in a tiny glass ball.

“What’s wrong?” she asked softly.

He ran his fingers through his fringe, frowning. “I’m going grey.”

Sally hummed. Growing old didn’t appeal to her, either. Although, the idea of growing old with him charmed. So, pulling at one pale strand with a grin, she teased, “I made this.”

Larry blinked, then laughed. “You certainly did!”


Let’s admit it: no one really wants to get older, see those lines and fading colors in the mirror. But, when you find someone worth the time and effort, it makes the changes seem not quite so terrible as they might otherwise be.

George Clooney and Helen Mirren: proof you can go grey and still be awesome.

This story is one rather close to my heart, as today marks the fifteen-year anniversary of when my husband and I met. (Fifteen years! Oftentimes, it feels more like fifteen minutes. …underwater. No, no; just kidding!)

Personally, I see more grey in the mirror every day. But, like my Songbirds above, I’ve managed to find someone with whom the prospect of growing older doesn’t seem so scary.

What does “GREY” mean to you?


13 thoughts on “100WCGU: Fade to Grey

  1. Happy 15th anniversary! This is a lovely way to think about grey!

    My hubby and I have the (not-so-unlucky-for-us) 13th anniversary of our 1st date coming up in a few weeks and we are both going grey too – me faster than him 😦


    • Congratulations to you, too, Sally-Jayne! And thank you for the kind words. 🙂

      My husband and I met while at the same university, so I’m not nearly as grey as I sometimes complain to him that I am. 😀 But, it’s always been wonderful to have someone to go grey beside.


  2. Happy 15th anniversary Mayumi! Here’s hoping for 100 more! XD
    Age is supposed to bring wisdom and dignity some say, and I’m certainly inclined to believe that if you age with someone special. Your Songbirds have that family vibe down pat.
    Awesome work as always!


    • Thanks, Shade! I know it’s a cliche, but fifteen years sometimes feels like a long time, and sometimes feels like yesterday. Showing bits of my own life with these Songbirds stories has made me appreciate all the little moments, both good and greying. 🙂


  3. Happy anniversary! 😀

    Were they decorating a Christmas tree? If so, it’s amusing that Larry, in the midst of a fun event, took the time to exam his hair and realize his age. Good thing Sally was there to perk him back up. Nice job.

    I don’t know what to think about the word “grey.” I used to want to color my hair a silvery-grey, mostly due to anime influence. But looking at people who have gone grey and are rocking it, I don’t think I’ll mind much once it goes. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a youthful face, so it doesn’t bother me yet.

    Just watch me complain once I start to grey!


    • Thanks, spooneytoaster. 🙂

      Yes, they’re in the middle of decorating a tree. And, you’re right – it’s always good to have someone perk you back up, when you get a little lost in yourself.

      You’ve still got plenty of time to decide! I’m actually lucky in that I seem to be taking after my dad’s side, and going more shiny-silver than dull grey. Personally, I’m hoping for Bride of Frankenstein streaks, one day! 😀


  4. Happy anniversary.
    The story is very touching. My wife and i just celebrated 21 years and I feel the same way:
    “… growing old with him(her) charmed..”

    I love it. “Familiarity breeds history” as a close and dear friend of mine once said.



  5. I happened to see a picture at my mom’s yesterday of her holding my new-born oldest grandson, with my son and I standing behind her. No grey then, and 16 years later, nothing but.

    And having the right person to grow old with does make all the difference.



    • Thanks for stopping by, JazzBumpa, and for offering your comment. I appreciate the support. 🙂

      Funny, isn’t it, how those changes (like going grey) take place what seems like overnight to us!


  6. Sweet. We put up our tree yesterday, and the kids were going through the decorations and making sure they put up the ones they made, saying “I made this one…” It was really cute to watch them reminiscing.

    Congrats on your 15-year milestone with your husband. Going grey with someone special makes a difference.


    • Thanks, Kate. Looking back across the years definitely makes me consider the possibilities, of course…but also thankful for what I’ve got. 🙂


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