100-Word Challenge: Shattered Silence

It’s Week 69 for the 100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups!

This week, Julia is being particularly timely, with the prompt of …Bah Humbug!….

I’ve been writing plenty of 100-word stories for the Nightingales, but this one struck a familiar chord in me, as it’s based on a true story. I hope you enjoy!

“Shattered Silence”

Despite the danger of discovery, Sally let herself whine. For so much sweeter than any cinder toffee was the taste of his shoulder, so much more warming than any port was his breath against her neck. Even all the wrapped, ribboned prizes tucked beneath the tree in the parlour – she’d trade them all for just a few more minutes clutched in his strong, stolen embrace…!

But Katie’s shriek – “It’s Christmas!” – followed by Billie’s less articulate echo after, shattered the moment like a delicate glass ornament.

Larry groaned. “First thing tomorrow,” he muttered, “I’m arranging for a vasectomy.”

Happy, safe, restful holidays to you all!


12 thoughts on “100-Word Challenge: Shattered Silence

  1. Haha, that’s great. I’m sure everyone with kids has had a thought like that at one time or another. At first I thought the phrase ‘stolen embrace’ meant they were having an affair, but at the end I realized that ‘stolen embrace’ meant they have to steal time together away from their children. Very clever.


    • Ha ha! 😀
      You’re right, of course, Sally-Jayne. Kids can be wonderful…but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be a pain in the behind, at times! 😉


  2. And suddenly, mommy and daddy are thankful that Christmas comes only once a year.
    I like the honesty and simplicity of this one. It’s heartwarming and chuckle-worthy and the poor parents pained eardrums. But don’t worry, soon the little ones will be back in school and the house quiet once more.


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