Five Sentence Fiction: “You Never Forget Your First”


My go at this week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt from Lillie McFerrin: CHERISH.

If you aren’t familiar with Five Sentence Fiction, Lillie gives us a one-word prompt, and we’re to write a five-sentence story on what it means to or evokes in us. We don’t have to use the specific prompt word, by the way.

If the word strikes a chord in you, too, why not pop by Lillie’s site and have a go? Challenges are up Thursday through Wednesday, so there’s still plenty of time to join in on the fun!

“You Never Forget Your First”

Blowing a breath of appreciation between his lips, he laid her down in the sand, smoothing his hands along her curves. The touch of her sparked a familiar rush, a deep longing like ancestral memory aeons old. Soon, he’d press his body to her, and they’d be together, like one, fast and free and eternal, if only for a moment.

From over his shoulder, Amber gave a tsk, and muttered, “Sometimes, I think you love that board more than you love me.”

Ross just snickered, replying, “You never forget your first.”

The memories of first loves tend to linger, no matter who – or what – they are. Sometimes, you just have to accept them along with the one you love. (Ross’s custom Keahana board, for anyone interested, is a variation on the Skindog pintail Noserider design. Because you always remember your first.)

What part of your past – or present – do you CHERISH?


23 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: “You Never Forget Your First”

  1. Such a nice take on how our feelings toward objects can be as deep as those toward people. But after your last post, my mind immediately jumped to rough encounters when “he laid her down in the sand.” 😉


    • That was on purpose, JM! I think “things” aren’t nearly as important as people, but they do hold a special place in our hearts. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Very clever, Mayumi. I think this moment says a lot about Ross and the relationship between Ross and Amber. That she is aware of his passion for surfing is meaningful.


  3. I can almost see a commercial with this piece! The camera does a close-up of Ross’s face as he caresses his board, and then it pans out to show Amber’s disapproving face. Wonderful!


  4. As a man, I will always remember my first…car XD
    I thoroughly enjoyed the misleading sensuality of how Ross handles his board, as I would expect of any pro surfer. I wonder if he even has a pet name for it.

    Great work, Mayumi!


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