“The Best Simplicity” [Another “Finding Mister Wright” short]

I’m currently finishing up my 2014 NaNoWriMo story, but, yesterday, I got a flash idea for a short Valentine’s Day free-write. As most of my free-writes tend to be, this one takes place in my “Finding Mister Wright” universe, with its familiar cast of characters. Like “Tuxedos and Sugar Plum Fairies” and “Namesake,” this short story takes a step back from the cast’s present day. Unlike any of the previous FMW pieces, though, this one looks at life from Daniel’s perspective.

I’ve written for Daniel in his other incarnations before, but I’ve never written specifically for him, here, in this body, personality, and time. I don’t know if it was entirely successful a departure from the other characters in the FMW universe, but his conflict was certainly interesting to examine. Also, I had way too much fun writing this story.

“The Best Simplicity”
(~3000 words, 12 pages; PDF opens in a new window)

Valentine’s Day is about love. Not necessarily romantic love, though we often translate it that way for our purposes. Whether you’re dancing the night away with your partner or enjoying a stay-at-home dinner-and-a-movie night – or wherever you are in the world, and whomever you’re with – I hope your adventures are filled with the same love I’ve tried to share with these words.


13 thoughts on ““The Best Simplicity” [Another “Finding Mister Wright” short]

  1. This piece is just warm and sweet. I can certainly sympathize with Rob’s dilemma, as a man who had to re-learn the rules of Valentines Day. Seeing Daniel just take his time, letting things fall into place while only occasionally putting his foot in his mouth (because, let’s face it, everyone does that), feels like a sparking romantic encounter should.

    Excellent work!

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    • Thanks, shade!
      I think this one was so easy to write because I knew where both of these characters were coming from, especially about all the Valentine’s Day nonsense we get shoved into our faces. I much prefer the slower, simpler interactions that let us see people – and appreciate them – for who they really are. 🙂


  2. Hope you had an awesome Valentine’s Day too. I think it’s important to celebrate love with the people we love–friends, family, lovers, etc. It’s not just about romance though that is what everyone focuses on. 🙂


  3. This was an enjoyable read, Mayumi. I really liked seeing Rob and Daniel interact playfully. I think you did a great job with keeping the tension just so. I really didn’t know what would happen once they got to Daniel’s apartment. Nice job.


  4. Such a good story. Your characters are real. I can relate to the awkwardness that love creates. I look forward to more stories. I hope to one day write a collection of stories as you have.


    • Thanks, George! That real compliment totally made my day! I strive to make my characters people for my readers, since they’re people to me. And, you’ve already got a great start on a story collection! Your lead-ins and hooks have me interested to see more from your characters and situations. 🙂


      • Thank you for your comments. I have some ideas for short story collections, which I will post on my blog soon. I’m composing notes for characters and situations. Both revolving around my retail experiences. One collection is an anthology of stories about working the night shift at a local chain. Another where the main character is a cell phone salesperson. I have notes on the latter. I hope this goes well.


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