Fathers of a different sort [AKA, yet another “Finding Mister Wright” free write]

For Father’s Day weekend, we enjoyed good food, good company, and good memories. Of course, I thought a lot about the fathers in my family, but the occasion made me think about my own paternal creations, too.

I’m off to a work conference for this week, so I won’t be around on social media much, but for anyone interested, here’s another short-ish follow-up free write to the last “Finding Mister Wright” vignette, this time with the older dads in that world:

“Push” – another “Finding Mister Wright” free-write [PDF; opens in a new tab]

I don’t know if there are any dads out there who read my blog. If there are, happy day to you!


10 thoughts on “Fathers of a different sort [AKA, yet another “Finding Mister Wright” free write]

  1. I like the interaction between these two. Their differences help each other be a better person. Now maybe Marshall can let Daniel plan a big wedding reception. 😉


    • Thanks, JM. Their give-and-take relationship is modeled pretty heavily on my own, as well as my friend’s. I pulled a Marshall when I got married. Even though that was the right decision for us and we stand by it, I wanted to try and consider what that situation felt like to the family around me.

      Thanks for reading!


    • I’ve tried to recap in these stories Rob and Daniel’s relationship, but there is still an awful lot of it in my head. And, their interaction grows with each new story, whether it’s in their past or present. It’s going to make editing any larger story much more difficult. XD

      Thanks for reading, George!


  2. I enjoy reading these two bouncing off each other’s personalities. They are good together, even if they don’t agree on that sometimes.

    I admit, this Father’s Day is an unusual one, since it’s the first one I get to celebrate (kind of). Makes me think of my dad grandfathers, and all the mess I sometimes put them through growing up. Definitely a time for reflection now that I will be on the receiving end of that


    • Ah! That is coming up, isn’t it? You both must be excited! It’s an amazing time (you will think so, too, once the mood swings are over). I’m so happy for you two! ❤

      Rob and Daniel do have the advantage of a whole story to themselves to grow together, but it's always nice to hear they work well as characters and a couple.

      Thanks again!


  3. Good scene! I love the dialogue and the body language/action/business. I also like how his true reasons for being upset with his son have little to do with his son’s job but with the fact he doesn’t need his dad around as much and that he missed out on the wedding.

    I think that’s the key to writing believable, meaningful arguments — because even in real life there’s usually something else that’s causing the tension.


    • Thanks, Kate! Daniel is actually Marshall’s big brother, but the dad stuff definitely comes through in his personality.

      It took me a fair amount of time to figure out that what’s upsetting somebody isn’t always (often isn’t!) what they say on the surface. It was fun to work through that conflict, even if only fictionally.

      Thanks for reading!

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