I want that love, that life

This is not a real post. I was going to talk about keeping balance in my writerly life, but I can’t manage it right now. This was a rough week all around – at work, at home, in my head – and I just needed to take a break with people who care for and about each other, even if it’s only in my stupid, self-indulgent fiction.

“Two Dads”
[Another “Finding Mister Wright” free write] ~3200 words/10 pages

I wrote this in a day, between work, emails, cooking supper, and everything else, and I’ve never written from Paige’s perspective before, but it’s part of my writing effort and I have to support it for being that. A story based on personal experience, just not the part I would have wanted.


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  1. Balance is a really awesome concept. I very much support it. Achieving it however is another matter. Each day I try to get a balance of work, and exercise, and personal time. I’m lucky to get the work and exercise in. Sometimes I just want to crawl into bed and watch some Gossip Girl and veg.


    • The concept deserves a fuller post, for sure, Kourtney. Lately, I’ve felt that just trying to plan the balance in my days is hard enough, and putting it into practice is like trying to find a leprechaun’s pot of gold. I’m hoping for better days ahead, though. Good to hear that you manage it most days, though! That gives me hope. 🙂


  2. I agree with Kourtney. Finding balance can be impossible with everything that is going on in our lives. It can be hard to find a groove and maintain it. The best thing we can do is plan and prioritize. And somehow, we will find the balance we seek.

    As far as the story, I think you did very well considering you wrote it in a day. Writing from Paige’s perspective lends some more insight into the family dynamic and how that will change when she leaves. Excellent!


    • Thanks, George. Both you and Kourtney have the right idea: balance comes from planning and practice. I definitely try to keep to a routine to make sure I maintain a balance of family, work, exercise, and hobbies.

      Thanks, too, for reading!


  3. Sorry to hear the week has been so rough on you, Mayumi. Everything okay?
    Ahh, balance. My old arch-nemesis. It’s like trying to balance a plate full of water in a tornado. Unfortunately, at least in my case, it has meant piping all of what should be creative energy into trying to keep up with everything else. Still, balance is a skill that I keep looking to you for because you can do it, as stories like this prove. It might be done in a day, but something like this could take me a week at least.

    You definitely captured the sudden drop of fear and the loving frustration of caring for someone stubborn here. I personally enjoyed how grown-up Paige has become as the story has gone on, but is still this sweet little girl who takes care of her dads. And cmining from someone who can be as bull-headed as Daniel in terms of giving myself a break, my wife has definitely given me the Rob lecture, because I needed it.

    Also, I prefer Spock to Riker too. Though to me, it comes to the Big E herself, and nothing competes with the NCC-1701, especially after her refit. 🙂

    Hope your week gets better this week! And great work on this story!


    • Thanks, shade. This week has definitely started out with more calm than last; I’m hoping it carries through!

      I’m usually pretty good at balancing work-life flow, but sometimes I, too, need a kick in the pants. My Daniel experience of going to Emergency for a blackout was the same kind of embarrassing and – what I thought – ridiculous…but it was also assuring to have so many people around me who set me straight about what’s important. Maybe this particular interpretation from Paige’s POV doesn’t satisfy for a conclusion, but I didn’t think it realistic for her to be in on the heart-to-heart parent conversation, only to see evidence of its influence.

      My dad and I loved Classic over Next Gen, too. I think his tastes mirrored yours: he really liked the original Enterprise; I imagine it took him back to his old Army days. He never liked the corridors or the moody bar on the D. 😀

      Thanks again for reading, and I hope you have a great week, too!


  4. Something is definitely in the air – Sunday was awful here at work, ugh. No, the whole day was pretty lousy but work was off the scale. Makes me appreciate the calm days that much more~

    This was good work, as always, I enjoyed reading from her point of view. All the emotions you write come across so genuinely. I feel the dad’s blow up coming, feel it happening, like I was in the room. I could feel the embarrassment and unease of being in the ER. Well done 🙂


    • Maybe it’s the weather, Neeks. It sure feels like everyone around here is snippy and tired due to the heat of summer. I’m glad that things are starting to calm down here, a bit. Hopefully, you’re seeing some easier days, too!

      Thanks for the nice words on the story. There’s something about being in Emergency when it turns out there’s nothing really wrong that is both relieving and mortifying. Better than the alternative, though. 🙂

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  5. Balance is so hard to keep, isn’t it? Just when we think we have it, something comes along and sets us flailing again. But writing is a great way to help bring it back, and I really liked this glimpse from Paige’s POV. You’ve got some great characters to relax with—even when there’s drama in their own lives!


    • Thanks, JM! I mentioned to someone else that writing – especially these characters – is mostly a coping mechanism, for me. But, it’s at least a creative coping mechanism, and something I can look back on later with some fondness, unlike a pint of beer or a chocolate cake (though I could use those, too, some days). I will definitely have to write that balance post sometime soon, as the concept is so important for me, and I’d like to help other folks avoid my pitfalls. 🙂


  6. Love this: “deep, carrying dad-voice he used for Serious Conversations.” Such a great line. I didn’t even need to know this is Paige’s POV to get that this came from her head.

    As far as balance, I’m beginning to think it’s not a real thing, lol. The end of summer usually sends me into a wild panic as I think about all the things I wanted to get done, but didn’t. Now with a new school year rounding the corner, I need to re-strategize a daily and weekly schedule. Again. It’s a lot. But you have the right idea — vent with fiction writing. I need to do that.


    • Thanks, Kate. I tried to capture a teenager’s inner voice. Whether it worked overall, I’m not sure, but I sure liked that particular line. 🙂

      Summer is usually more about imbalance than balance, for me, especially as university ramps up. I am trying to live a life of equity between work, life, and play, but it does get difficult. Thank goodness for little blessings like writing – and imagining in our heads, as you mentioned in your recent post. I take refuge in those moments of control.

      Hope the end of summer is shaping up more to your liking. Thanks for stopping by!

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