“The Best Simplicity” [Another “Finding Mister Wright” short]

A reblog of 2015’s Valentine’s Day post, including a romance short featuring Messrs. Wright and McAllister, of my “Finding Mister Wright” universe. All of my stories are about love in one form or another, even the one I’m currently mired in editing, about the five space adventurers running toward a fate of mutual danger.

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I’m currently finishing up my 2014 NaNoWriMo story, but, yesterday, I got a flash idea for a short Valentine’s Day free-write. As most of my free-writes tend to be, this one takes place in my “Finding Mister Wright” universe, with its familiar cast of characters. Like “Tuxedos and Sugar Plum Fairies” and “Namesake,” this short story takes a step back from the cast’s present day. Unlike any of the previous FMW pieces, though, this one looks at life from Daniel’s perspective.

I’ve written for Daniel in his other incarnations before, but I’ve never written specifically for him, here, in this body, personality, and time. I don’t know if it was entirely successful a departure from the other characters in the FMW universe, but his conflict was certainly interesting to examine. Also, I had way too much fun writing this story.

“The Best Simplicity”
(~3000 words, 12 pages; PDF opens in…

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  1. Editing really takes a ton of time. I’m on a second round of editorial revisions and really working on the scenes and the flow. It’s funny how much time it takes and readers never realize just how many iterations it took to get to them. 🙂


    • Glad to hear your editing is running along, Kourtney! Yes, I did not have an appreciation for how much editing can change a story until I had someone start poking at one of my own. Then, I started to figure out what to look for in re-reads, and now I’m finally getting the idea of what I can do in my own rewrites to create a more exciting, cohesive story.


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