Out of Decline

Earlier this week, I updated the main header image on this blog. The last image was a photo I’d taken a few years ago in La Jolla, and its setting sun scene was pretty, but, over time, I came to associate it too much with decline. Decline of readers, decline of interaction, decline of my self.

A header image is rather like a book cover. It should say something about the writer, and that “declining” feeling of the old header image wasn’t what I wanted to project as indicative of me or my work. So, I went through my drawing archives and picked out a bunch of pictures that represent me and the stories – or attempts at stories – I’ve made over the years. Long-time readers may recognize one or more of the characters and stories on display, but, from current left to right, they are:

  • My adulterer/lovers, from many 100 Word Challenges for Grown-Ups and Five Sentence Fiction entries
  • Amber, from Fearless
  • Chie and Yousuke, from 1 More Chance!
  • Nev, from Fearless
  • Fram, who is the only one not from a story, but whose helmet I spent too long researching and drawing not to include here
  • Sally, from “Slave Girls and Shining Knights”
  • Ross, from Fearless
  • Zera, from “Anywhere but Here”

These selections may change over time, as I hope to develop my drawing skills along with my writing, because I really want to get some representation for my Borderlands From Hell (A Love Story) continuity up there. Someone or someones from my “Finding Mister Wright” stories needs to be up there, too, because even as I write this post, I’m finishing up yet another tale of love, growth, and honesty with the Wrights and McAllisters. But, for right now, this is what I’ve got.

This is me.


6 thoughts on “Out of Decline

  1. I really like the header with your artwork. I liked the old picture too. Of course, it didn’t scream out “decline” to me, but I get where you’re coming from. I like that you illustrate the characters from your stories. I bet that helps make them come alive even more than they do through words alone.

    Blog headers have an interesting power overall, I have found. I have yet to find one for my blog that truly captures who I am, as a writer, mom, wildlife activist, coach–all subject matter regularly found on my blog. I keep telling myself I’ll take a picture of my study, with all my writing tools, maybe even a cat or one of my kids, consistent features in my writing and family life. One day, maybe.

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    • Thanks, Kate! I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but it takes so much more work. 😀 Maybe the header image will not stay this, but it does feel a lot more “me” whenever I load it up, now.

      Your blog is very well-rounded, with a lot of different perspectives, so maybe a scrapbook header? Or, a galaxy with different star/planet orbs representing your big themes? I’ve seen shattered glass motifs to illustrate a bunch of ideas branching out from a central one, but “shattered” doesn’t evoke the right feeling for your blog. The tricky bit is the WP header is wide and short, which doesn’t allow for some kinds of images. A wide-branching tree? I’ll think on it. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


    • Thanks, George – I’m glad to hear some folks are enjoying the new header image.

      Anything creative – drawing, writing, photography, filmmaking, musicianship, the list is endless – takes time as well as effort. Each one of those pictures took me a while, but I’m happy with them. I have visual artist friends who probably could have drawn all of those in the space of a day, but for a blog that’s about me and my work, I thought it would be a better reflection of who I am if those pieces came from me.


  2. Yay for artwork!
    At my peak, I think my best drawing was some old starship profile views and random schematic drawings about things sciency (Imagine that!). And while I’ve always liked doodling as a pastime that keeps my hands busy while I keep the world half in focus, I’m comfortable with it never really getting beyond that. Besides, my stick-figure brawls could get hectic.

    I’m happy to see your artwork up here, saved from dA and the depths of the hard drive. I think it shows all your worlds that have felt the pen and just how much you enjoy certain characters. I’m betting Rob, Daniel and Paige are stored away somewhere, too 🙂


    • Stick-figure fights are awesome! And, stick figures are the building blocks for proportions, something I know I struggle with. Every one of the drawings up there at the top of the page started with a skeleton of circles and lines! As for the FMW crew, Paige graces a corner of my desk, but she’s on lined paper, which isn’t very pretty for a header image. 🙂

      Thanks, shade! So glad to hear the artwork is going over well with my writer friends!


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