Once More Into the Breach

Yeah, I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo again this year. But, this year, I’m participating as a NaNo Rebel.

I got the idea – and the bug – from writer and editor Kate Johnston, aka 4amwriter (website and twitter), who talks more in-depth about the concept of how to be a NaNo rebel here. As for me, I’m using the opportunity and join-in rush of NaNo to push myself forward on a long-overdue rewrite of 2014’s NaNo, Highs, Lows, and In-Betweens, a space opera that follows about two years after the events in my Borderlands book, From Hell (A Love Story):



Like Kate, I’m using this NaNoWriMo to concentrate on aspects of the book other than the wordcount. I’ve completed NaNo at least six times over the last ten years, so that 50,000-words-in-30-days goal is not a significant challenge for me. What is a challenge is making sure that every chapter in this rewrite has a conflict, every character gets their due, and the end of every chapter has a hook to keep the reader pressing on. No nothing-happens-here moments that go on for pages; no dangling or missing motivations; no falling interest to make the reader put the story down. In many ways, this is a much tougher challenge, and I almost wish I’d gone the easy wordcount route. But this story – like all my stories – is dear to me, and I want to see it finished: bigger, better, more badass than ever before.

If you are participating in NaNoWriMo 2016, whether as a traditional drafter, pantser, plantser, or rebel, let’s connect! My username is bonusparts over there, and I’m always open to more buddies.

What are your writing plans for November? NaNo? Rebellion? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “Once More Into the Breach

  1. Rebellion!
    I, for one, am excited to see how your rewrite turns out for this one. I imagine being confined to that 30-day window really puts a fire under one’s rear, especially from something so detailed and in-depth.
    Now, if only Rob and Daniel can sit still for the rest of the month 😀

    Good luck, Mayumi! You can di it!

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    • Thanks, shade!

      Yes, it will be difficult to keep Rob and Daniel quiet this month. I’ve got another home-on-the-farm Thanksgiving story brewing in the back of my mind, as well as a return to Marshall’s present day. We’ll just have to see if the dads behave….

      The rewrite is going slowly, but well, I think. There’s just so much to get in there, so many new conflicts and motivations. It’s all writing, though, so it’s all good.

      Thanks again for the support!


  2. I guess it would be rebellion, though I’m not participating in NaNo. I am using this month to finish some stories I started months ago. But before I get to those, I’m writing a new story. I just finished the rough draft. I’m taking a couple of days to rest up before editing and typing an official draft.

    Best of luck in your writing endeavors this month.


    • Thanks for the kind wishes, Kate. And, thanks for enlightening me to a different NaNo path. Good luck with your rebellion, as well! The (writing) world needs more rebels! ❤

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