“Thanks and Giving” [Another “Finding Mister Wright” holiday free-write]

I'm currently away from the Internet, celebrating Thanksgiving with family, the best way to celebrate any holiday. Those good feelings prompted me to compose the following free-write in my "Finding Mister Wright" universe: "Thanks and Giving" [PDF opens in new window] ~9600 words / 38 pages DS This one concerns family, of course, and cooking, just … Continue reading “Thanks and Giving” [Another “Finding Mister Wright” holiday free-write]

Writing Therapy

These last several weeks, I've felt mostly horrid. It's been a rather hectic fall semester, with new projects to complete as well as new fires to put out. My students are either going through Senior-itis or studying abroad, so all the work they would ordinarily do falls to me, too. This isn't actually that awful … Continue reading Writing Therapy